Redefining marriage has consequences for all Australians

The postal plebiscite is a referendum on freedom of speech and who decides what our children can be taught in schools.

If marriage is redefined our right to freely express the view that marriage should be between a man and a woman would be at risk. Schools will be told what to teach, freedom of religion would be challenged and the tyranny of political correctness will march further into our lives.


The Liberal and Nationals parties have a proud tradition of protecting the institutions that make our society great.

The family is the central unit of our society and marriage is the foundation of all families. We should be wary of changing what has worked. That is why we support giving all Australians a say on how marriage is defined.

The Liberal and Nationals parties believe that marriage should remain as the union of one man and one woman. It is this union that creates children and it is this union that deserves protection. Liberal and Nationals party units across Australia have passed motions in support of traditional marriage. 

A redefinition of marriage would be a “green light” for the radical Safe Schools program to spread throughout Australia. This has been the bitter experience in other countries that have redefined marriage.


We are sick of being bullied and told what to do. We are the underdogs. Big business, big unions, big media (including the ABC) are all against us in this debate. But we will tirelessly oppose political correctness and fight for the truth.

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